The Black Investment Corporation for Economic Progress Inc. (BICEP) and DHM Research are partnering to conduct a community survey to support the development and implementation of the SOUL District, a plan for creating an economic hub and business platform for the African-American community in Portland, Oregon. 

Which best describes you? 

Each version of the SOUL District survey* is aimed at giving voice to a particular group of community stakeholders. Please read through the three descriptions below and determine which one best portrays you, then click on the appropriate photo to take the survey. Each survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. We ask that you complete only one version of the survey. 

Black Business Owner or Entrepreneur: Own and operate a licensed business in the Portland metro area from which you derive at least part of your annual income or are an entrepreneur in the process of developing a new business venture or product, and identify as black or African-American. 

Community Influencer: Community organizer, activist, non-profit leader or board member, religious leader, business leader, artist, cultural leader, elected official, government representative, or key participant in one or more community-based initiatives that promote, advocate, and/or serve N/NE Portland or the black community interests in the Metro area. 

Community Member: All other individuals or business owners living in the Portland Metro Area that have an interest in developing and improving economic opportunities and the overall well-being of Portland's black community, and the efforts in the SOUL District. 

*All versions of the survey are being hosted by an independent third party research firm, DHM Research.  DHM will also collect and analyze the results.  The survey is completely confidential, and no name or identifying information will be associated with any of the completed surveys or individual responses.  All analysis and reporting will be conducted in the aggregate.

BICEP is currently fiscally sponsored by the North/Northeast Economic Development Alliance Inc.